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Share Your Stories

Share Your 12 Habits Ideas and experiences  here.


This revolution of good habits will grow because you act on the habits and because you have good ideas for spreading the 12 habits too. As an example, one dentist displayed monthly habits posters.. on the ceiling over his patients - and changed them each month.  How COOL is that??  Share YOUR stories and ideas with us and we’ll feature them on the website so others can benefit from your sharing.

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Thank you for sending us your story!

Do It Yoursef/Action

Doing It Yourself
Take Action Every Month

The best way to get involved is to take action each month, then share your story with us here. Go to the 12 Months drop-down menu above, select the month and follow the link to share your story!

Examples of Becoming Involved

Here are some REAL EXAMPLES of people becoming involved minute-by-minute, day-by-day, month-by-month by paying the 12 Habits Forward.

  • A dental group put each month's Habits posters on the ceilings over their patient chairs.

  • A utility company inserted monthly habit reminders into their billing envelopes.

  • A restaurant made Wonderful People place mats, decorated with art from kids.

  • A second grade teacher wrote a 12 Habits 4 All of Us  "Home Involvement Booklet” to help parents practice the 12 habits with their children.

  •  A service organization made “screen savers” for their staff desk computers as 12 Habits reminders for staff.

  • A bus driver wrote a “Spirit of ALL of US”, 12 Habits Newsletter and distributed it to all the transportation employees in Eugene, OR.

  • A community newspaper, the Steel Valley Mirror, prints each month's Habit theme in the little extra spaces between articles throughout the paper.

  • 20,000 Wonderful People flyers focused on the health messages were printed by a local hospital and distributed throughout a community each month by their employees.

  • An Oil City, PA school invited community and parent "guests" to come to the school, identify themselves to the students and share the daily habit on morning announcement.

  • School children in Jeanette, PA made 12 Habit posters each month for distribution and display in local store windows and other public space.

  • A coordinated “Parent Handbook" about Drug & Alcohol Abuse was written and distributed relating the 12 Habits to drug prevention behaviors and attitudes.

  • A “Teen Center Without Walls” Calendar of activities around the community for teens is published in the Somerset Daily American once a month.

  • A Home Economics class in Maplewood High School in Gates Mills, PA, make a patterned quilt of all 12 habits to exhibit in the school hallway and later raffled it off to help a student's family with medical bills.

Download Library
Wooden Bookshelves

Download Library

Note: We are in the process of collecting, curating, and updating this material.  *Legacy Branded materials  are available while we update our content.

12 Habits Research and Diagrams - New for 2023!

Monthly Use Materials

Materials are currently designed to be easily printed in black ink. We are in the process updating them for co,or versions more suitable for color inkjet printers and social medial There is a PDF with directions for the correct paper colors to coordinate with each month’s color code or choose the correct color as background for your electronic posts.

*Legacy materials
We are in the process of actively updating all our content branding.
  These items retain some of the previous “12 Habits for Wonderful People” program branding - but we have chosen to make this excellent content available to you while we update our materials.


Update March 2023: At this time, we have updated nearly the entire download library to the 12 Habits of Unity branding. We’ve added a set of colorful diagrams and research content. More materials are coming!

Start a Campaign

How to Start a local 12 Habits
Unity Campaign

You or your group, as local "12 Habits 4 All of Us" Ambassadors, can download FREE print-ready artwork for the 12 monthly reminder materials in the section above. They are PDF’s so you can print and distribute them locally OR, select and attach on your social media feeds.


Get creative, become a Unity Habits “Influencer.” Make a video of yourself about “helping others,” or “being grateful.” First load it up on YouTube and then post on your social media sites. Make it fun or even silly, but make it about the good stuff we all need more of.

FREE Resources

Through our non-profit, All of Us Inc., these materials are created and available to you free of charge.  As we “pay it forward,” we form a community-wide and social media network of adults, supporting children, youth, and families.  "On the ground" in a participant community, “Ambassadors,” all together, display the same monthly color-coded reminder posters, flyers,   


Please join in this movement towards unity by embracing these twelve shared monthly practices in 12 Months above, for compassion and self-empowerment. 

  1. Start your 12 Unity Habits journey with the book, “The Habits of Unity; 12 Months to a Stronger America… one citizen at a time”.  See “Buy the Book” section for links to where the book is available for sale or for electronic downloading.

  2. Share your stories and Ideas Here, on this web site by clicking on the 12 Months menu, and exploring the 12 Monthly Habits.

  3. Start sharing the monthly habits and colors on your own social media network.  You can use materials from the book, or this website, or get creative and find coordinated videos, visuals, quotes, stories, etc. and get everyone you know together on the same “good habits” page with you.

  4. Download free posters and materials HERE (see below) - to use personally – or with your family, neighborhood, organization, school, senior center, place of worship, or throughout your community.  For each school year month there is a 100+page IDEA Book of activities, games, puzzles, music, quotes and stories. Note: Many Items are Legacy Branding, Updates are in progress.

  5. Navigating via the drop-down MONTHS menu to one of the 12 themes. Here you can share and "pay forward" your own unique stories and thoughts, here or on our Facebook page

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