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Contribute to 12 Habits

Some brilliant, clever, and compeling words go here about Contributing to the 12 Habits effort. This is a Paragraph. Quite clearly we're still working on this page. Duh. But you can still support our work with a contribution - it means so much and helps us out a lot! All your contributions go towards the non-trivial real-world costs of getting the 12 Habits of Unity word out.


Thank you from All of Us!

If you want to be a more involved supporter of the 12 Habits Project, please consider becoming a Peer Partner or a Sponsor.

We're planning to put more words here at some point, do bear with us. We've been really busy! But if you're hitting the button for us anyway - thank you so much!!! 

- The 12 Habits for All of us Team

Contribute to All of Us, Inc.

A tax-deductible non-profit (34-1558-337)


Thank you for your generous contribution. You are helping to spread unity, civility, and citizenship all across America. You will also be supporting our first new initiative, "Make Civility COOL in D.C.” by 2025. We’re starting at the center of our nation’s discord!! 


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