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In December remember to…

Goal for the Month:  

Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me.

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Healthy Hearts, Minds and Bodies

Color Cue

December is the last month of the calendar year. This great month of holidays gives me a chance to celebrate you - my readers and friends. December’s celebration color is EVER-Green. When I see an evergreen tree, I am reminded of the constancy of relationships throughout our lives.

Evergreen renews and restores depleted energy. It is the sanctuary away from the stresses of modern living, restoring us back to a sense of well-being. We are reminded that it is family and friends and community that are the abiding and enduring aspects of a fulfilling life. Practicing this Unity Habit is a way to keep it all together during the rough spots.

Whether finely-seamed or tattered and torn, relationships are the fabric threads that connect us to one another. “Celebrate Community, Family and Friends’’ wraps up the year and captures the essence of what the holiday season is all about, no matter what religious or humanistic belief you hold.

December is a time of celebrations when that warm feeling of peace on earth is the strongest. The famous historian Will Durant once said, “Civilization is just the slow process of learning to be kind.”  I guess the question then is—just how well have we learned to be kind?  Imagine how we will feel one day—when peace on earth really comes true. Imagine no violence, no child abuse, no poverty, no hunger, and no war. Cherish kindness. Celebrate your relationships with others this month. Use your 1,440 minutes each day to let them know you care.

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Handmade posters done at a “Statewide Teachers” Training Workshop in Fairmount, WV

December’s Videos

Cosmic Comic Swami Beyondananda gives his unique take on the 12 Habits of Unity's Habit for December - “Celebrate Community, Family, and Friends.”


December’s Goal: Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me.

Happy New Year always begins with happy old year.


In the USA, the holiday season traditionally begins with Thanksgiving, where we officially acknowledge our blessings. And among the greatest riches we have accumulated in our lives, are the loving relationships, friendships, family and community ties that allow us to share both joys and sorrows with others we care about. Regardless of wealth or status, those who cannot share their well being with others are bereft indeed.


It’s time to evolve from children of God to adults of Good … because the one thing that will save humankind is human kindness.”

– Swami Beyondananda

12 Habits Webinar - Episode 12, December's Habit - Celebrate Community, Family, and Friends

Humorist and Author Steve Bhaerman in Conversation with Elaine Parke, MBA, CS, CM, NSA, Communications Consultant & Author, creator of the 12 Habits of Unity, discuss the 12 Habits as a coherent, evolutionary practice that produces real results in the real world – and how you can “join the Up-Wising” and our exciting intentional experiment.


Explore December with us and remember to… CELEBRATE COMMUNITY, FAMILY, AND FRIENDS.


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This revolution of good habits will grow because you act on the habits and because you have good ideas for spreading the 12 habits too. As an example, one dentist displayed monthly habits posters.. on the ceiling over his patients - and changed them each month.  How COOL is that??  Share YOUR stories and ideas with us and we’ll feature them on the website so others can benefit from your sharing.

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