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About The Habits of Unity

This is an already-proven, personal and social changing mental health plan in a book. It’s not a book ABOUT habits – it’s a HABIT-FORMING book.


This book is a "one-minute a day" "action" guide to a better life and more empowered citizenship. Each of the 12 months of the year is branded with one colorful habit-forming value like resolve conflicts, help others, and be more positive. There are 12. One for each month.


The 365 “one-magic-minute-a-day “motivationals,” are grouped and color-coded, to help the reader form one good habit per month. Each day’s reading offers a little different perspective on each month’s habit, a daily affirmation, several inspirational quotes, and a daily “action” tip. 

We all feel so helpless while America becomes more divided every day. The book’s author, Elaine Parke, believes the core problem is that our founders created a Bill of Rights, but failed to write a Bill of Responsibilities.


To be a healthy nation, citizens, as individuals, must also unite around the daily practice of democratic ideals. This doesn’t mean we all think alike. It does mean we treat others with dignity, respect, and kindness.
As President John Kennedy once suggested, The Habits of Unity, is meant to inspire a nation of democratic participants—of all races, cultures, orientations, and beliefs—who uplift themselves, others, and our national climate. 


The Habits of Unity, helps us be better citizens by giving readers a simple, doable framework for practicing 12 good habits.  Simultaneously, practicing these habits improves mental health. (Yes…good citizenship and mental wellness go hand in hand!)
With its monthly-branded, yet daily actions framework, the book provides an “organic” and organized approach to transformation. Elaine’s dream is to spark a unity revolution across various groups starting at home – also in communities, schools, workplaces, and ESPECIALLY all government and corporate leaders, —that rises from the ground up and sweeps across the nation.
Elaine Parke has an impressive history of creating programs that work. An MBA and former corporate executive who shifted her focus because she wanted to help people get along better, she’s waged this 12-month campaign in schools and communities for 30 years via radio, TV, posters, flyers, and group events. This book now shares her 12 unity habits with readers.

The campaign reached several million people in western Pennsylvania with results evaluated by nine independent studies. Overall, seventy-two percent (72%) of surveyed citizens said they felt more connected to others.


Thirty-seven percent (37%) said they’d improved their behaviors. Student conflicts were reduced, and academics improved. It was deemed a social invention by the London Institute in 1993 When citizen problems go down, human suffering and the cost of government goes down for all of us.

If we’ve learned one thing from social media, it’s that shared thoughts, whether true or not, become powerful beyond measure when they reach lots of people at the same time and are repeated again and again. Together, let’s start a “Bill of Responsibilities” revolution. 

“Together we heal the country we all share.”  – Elaine Parke


Here’s What People Are Saying about The Habits of Unity:


It already makes me feel like I belong. What a great way to belong - by being a better person.

– Helen Angel, Homemaker


Your writing style makes me feel like I am a good friend you are talking with. I am inspired.

– Kathleen Isaacs Ph.D.


I was asked to edit this book for grammar and punctuation and it has already changed my life.

– Tracy Heinlein, Teacher


I like this whole concept and what I’ve seen. Like eating potato chips, I might not be able to read just one inspiration each day.

– Beryle Greenwald, Head Start Pre-school Teacher


A man might think at first that this book is for women but it’s NOT. Many people in my business don’t listen and aren’t patient. I wish they would read this book.

– Jeff Greenwald, Electrical Engineer


The 12 habits are great tools to help people gain the super powers of common sense and common courtesy. They reach more people and positively impact more lives in more places - to become happier and healthier.

– Karl Ohrman, CLU,

   Coordinated Private Wealth, LLC & Pittsburg Rotary Club


I expected more of a teaching thing and was delighted to find the daily inspirations so interesting and enjoyable - besides being short, to the point and easily remembered.

– Beverly Deeds, Secretary


I can incorporate the inspirations into my daily life.

– Patty Sparrow, Resource Manager - Info Systems


I look forward to reading the daily habit reminders to my audience of seniors, who are looking forward to hearing them just as much as me.

– Bobbi Haskell, Senior Center Aid


It’s certainly not dry reading.

– Barbara Miller, Author, Dearest Max


If people used the Golden Rule more often the world would be better. I can do this because each day is not long - you can read it in a minute.

– Betsy Fritz, Stock person


I think this would be good for parents to use to teach kids. It’s simple to read.

– Erin Wenzel, Nurse’s Aid


Special “Praise”

Dr. Melvins Steals portrait

from Dr. Melvin Steals, the first principal of the first school to use the 12 Habits 4 All of Us 12 monthly plan to improve their school.


Dear Readers of “The Habits of Unity,”

Introducing Elaine Parke’s “12 monthly habits” into my middle school near Pittsburgh 20 years ago, had a miraculous effect. It not only transformed its dangerous culture into a much safer one, but also increased our students’ academic achievement. Moreover, in less than 18 months, our school won a Pennsylvania Department of Health’s highly regarded, “Violence Free Youth Challenge Award” as well as a $5,000 check.

Because of the 12 habits, our 8th-grade students entered high school better prepared to learn and less likely to cause classroom disruptions. Our once low-performing district gradually elevated itself off of Pennsylvania’s list of 10 worst-performing school districts. I can personally attest to the sterling results that fidelity to Elaine’s carefully crafted 12-month process can produce.

Because of that, I have been an avid supporter and a staunch advocate for the 12 habits process for the past 20 years. My wife, Adrena, and I have developed a life-long friendship with Elaine, and together, over the years, we have visited many of her 12 habits communities and schools. During every visit, I feel the uplifting energy and magic her work inspires among the citizens, the staff and the students.

I am not only a professional educator, but also have contributed to our music culture, co-writing many songs with my twin brother – most well-known of which is “Could it Be I’m Falling In Love.”  Like music, Elaine’s 12 Habits make harmony out of discord among people wherever it goes.





– Melvin H. Steals, PhD
  Educator and Grammy Award winning songwriter
  Foreward to The Habits of Unity


Here are excerpts from some of The Habits of Unity’s chapters including several from the largest section, “365 Days of Habit-Forming Motivationals.”

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From: 12 Habits as a Monthly Reminder System
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From: AUTHOR’S BLOG – My Story behind this book
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Get The Book

Also available at most other distributors and as Kindle, Apple and Google books.

This book is a great gift for everyone, your own personal access to “Hands Across America,” and a way to “Pay it Forward,” each and every day. This isn’t “Random Acts of Kindness.” This book is an organized monthly SYSTEM of kindness, so we all know when to do what.


Democracy is much more than protesting about what you think others are doing wrong.  Democracy is also about what you are doing right, in your own life and relationships.  More than just voting, you are very important as a good citizen -- every moment of every day. 


Imagine what it would be like if during the month of March, everyone, all across America, were practicing “Resolving Conflicts” in their own lives? Corporations, schools, communities, families, and maybe even the government would function so much better.  Most of all, imagine how much better YOUR OWN life would be if you resolved conflicts as they come along.


Under the non-profit, All of Us, Inc., All proceeds from book sales will go to expand the awareness of the 12 monthly unity-building, 12 Habits 4 All of Us Campaign habits all across America. If we’ve learned one thing from social media, it’s that shared thoughts, whether true or not, become powerful beyond measure when they reach lots of people at the same time and are repeated again and again. Together, let’s start a “Bill of Responsibilities” revolution. 


Buy your own book today and share it as gifts with family and friends.  Here’s where to find the book for sale. 

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