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Monthly Online Circle

Interactive Mastermind Zoom Sessions hosted by Social Change Pioneer Elaine Parke, Community Activist Rosie Griep,  and the All of Us Team.

The Online Circle meets on First Mondays:

Next Circle: Monday, August 5th, 2024

New Link for August!!

4:00 PM Pacific; 7:00 PM Eastern

Waiting room is active about 15min before show time

First Mondays of the Month, Events start promptly at

4PM Pacific/ 7 PM Eastern.

Come One…. Come All of Us

Join Our Monthly Peace-In-Action Mastermind  Zoom Circle

And… Please Invite a Friend

PEACE and oneness then, is our mission but it’s not the action, because peace isn’t an action.


Our Peace in Action Mastermind Zoom Circles are a new way to be a “Peace Activist” right in your own life and your own day. 


Fun, exhilarating, interactive and experiential, in our Mastermind Circles we all are one another’s teachers.  We share our peace & oneness actions and consciousness, in the circle. 


Then we practice “focused meditation” for a minute a day…all month long.  This is how we go from “me to WE“… by becoming the change together. This is how we awaken the planet’s un-awakened.


In 1993, the transcendental meditation experiment brought crime in D.C. down 23.3%.  The focused consciousness of 2,000 meditators reached and influenced 500,000 unaware people." 


These circles are a new 21st Century experiment, to transform division into unity.  This experiment, features you and me and our daily actions and meditations, all organized by monthly unifying themes.


As our monthly focused peace consciousness expands, we will reach the tipping point to arouse eight billion people to the truth that we and our planet will only thrive together? 


All of us needs you. Attend the Circles regularly. Then, devote one minute of your day to focus on one action of peace and oneness each month. In “Circle” you’ll share your unifying stories and ideas with others.  That will do it – especially as we grow BECAUSE you invite your friends.


This is how we meet the challenge…… 


Can we wage Love as well as we wage War? 

The answer is…

YES, we can be the change for good together!!!


We break into groups to focus and share our ideas and stories. As we grow in numbers, we will powerfully redirect the misguided global consciousness of separation and war.


Shared masterminding will energize and amplify the intentions of harmony to become powerful enough to counteract against the global influencers that mobilize materialism, separation, and YES, even destruction of our climate. 


The best news, is that you will uplift yourself to a more hopeful and happier life.


We are asking each of us, (that includes YOU), to become a “Peace Mastermind” – collectively focusing our meditations, prayers and our actions - on 12 aspects of mental and emotional health – one focus for each month of the year.  


That’s how ALL OF US will change the spiritual climate so we can address issues like climate change – all together. Invite a friend to our circles and then another, as we help ourselves to grow stronger.


Personally participate in this experiment, learn how we can all collectively promote Peace, Oneness, Kindness, & Unity in ourselves, and in our communities. We invite you to join All of Us on Zoom for our Monthly Peace Mastermind Circles on the first Monday of each month at 7PM EST / 4PM PST. Join Us!

These Interactive Mastermind sessions are hosted by Social Change Pioneer Elaine Parke and Community Activist Rosie Griep, with All of Us team members, Kurt Griffith, Steve Bhaerman... and YOU!

Waiting room is active about 15min before start time,

First Mondays of the Month. Events start promptly at 7 PM Eastern / 4 PM Pacific

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