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In January remember to…

Goal for the Month:  
To lift our spirits and the spirits of others by caring, sharing and giving.

Daily Reflection

TODAY, I offer my habit to HELP OTHERS

Health Focus

Learn CPR and First Aid

Color Cue
Gentle Aqua

January is the beginning of a fresh new year and a great time to carry on the spirit of holiday giving. This month, when you see the color aqua, Gentle Aqua that is, think of how valuable you are, and that you can help others each day, even with just a smile.


You might also plan to learn CPR and more about first aid so you are prepared to help someone when you least expect it.

Whether you have made a New Year’s resolution or not, please read and sign the “January Promise” below.  It is a lovely treasure I found on this “Becoming Unity in America” journey.

“Help Others” is celebrated in January, because it is right after the holiday season. December’s hopeful holiday spirit of celebration and good will just ends abruptly. Now, all together, we are keeping the holiday “giving” mood going in January by promoting the ideal to “Help Others.”

“Gentle Aqua” is a color to remind us of compassion and caring as it calms the nervous system. Check out your wardrobe and wear a little “aqua” during January.


I promise to be tender with the young,
Compassionate with the aging,
Sympathetic with the striving,
And tolerant with the weak and the wrong...
Because sometime in my life,
I will have been ALL of these!


*The words of this Promise, from an unknown contributor, were allegedly printed in the Washington Post many years ago.

Halftone gradation
JanPARAD Oil City.jpeg

Lend a Hand at helping others float - in the Heritage Festival Parade in Oil City, PA. There were 12 flatbed floats, one for each of the 12 months and each was decorated by a different local non-profit agency or  organization. If this were in color you would see that everyone is wearing “gentle aqua” shirts.

January’s Videos

Cosmic Comic Swami Beyondananda gives his unique take on the 12 Habits of Unity's January Habit - Help Others.


“This is the ultimate self-help practice to shift from selfishly helpless to helpfully selfless.” Swami Beyondananda

We begin the new year with the Buddhist mantra that echoes intentional mutual benefit – May all beings be happy. “All beings” includes you – and me. In practicing intentional mutual benefit, now is the time to make the first move. Serve others, intentionally.

Ask, how can I be helpful? Particularly if you’ve helped yourself to a heaping helping of self-help (and are still selfishly helpless), put another’s wellbeing first. Bottom line: Helping others puts intentional mutual benefit into practice.

12 Habits Webinar - Episode 1

January's Habit - Help Others

Humorist and Author Steve Bhaerman in Conversation with Elaine Parke, MBA, CS, CM, NSA, Communications Consultant & Author, creator of the 12 Habits of Unity, discuss the 12 Habits as a coherent, evolutionary practice that produces real results in the real world – and how you can “join the Up-Wising” and our exciting intentional experiment.

As you go through your day, pay special attention to the people you
interact with. If you notice someone is irritable or aloof, try to look
for a reason to feel compassion rather than criticism or blame.

“There’s more power in the open hand than in the clenched fist.”

— Martin Luther King, Jr.


Explore January with us and remember to… HELP OTHERS.


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Share your Story
Share Your Stories and Ideas
for helping others in January here.

This revolution of good habits will grow because you act on the habits and because you have good ideas for spreading the 12 habits too. As an example, one dentist displayed monthly habits posters.. on the ceiling over his patients - and changed them each month.  How COOL is that??  Share YOUR stories and ideas with us and we’ll feature them on the website so others can benefit from your sharing.

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