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In September remember to…

Goal for the Month:  
Pick a task, even a small one, and give it all you’ve got!

Daily Reflection

TODAY, I practice my habit to DO MY BEST

Health Focus

Good Nutrition

Color Cue

Kids are going back to school and vacation traffic is winding down. It’s time to anchor our resolve to do well, start fresh, and begin again. This month’s celebration color is “Award” GOLD.” Whenever I see the color GOLD, I remember that my life and what I do with it each day is important. Whenever I see GOLD, I also remember the GOLDEN RULE.

Optimistic and positive gold, adds richness and warmth to everything—it illuminates and enhances everything. It is associated with higher ideals, wisdom, understanding and enlightenment. It inspires knowledge, spirituality and a deep understanding of the self and the “soul.”

We’ve heard it said that “Rome wasn’t built in a day.”  Starting something difficult or new is a great time to remember that.  Writing this book, for instance, has been a glorious adventure in joy and in perseverance! It takes lots of patience and lots of practice to just “hang in there.”  Minutes become monuments one at a time.

Appreciation is the best reward for a job well done. There is a definite “force” in supportive words that transfer energy to the mind.  Use the inspirational short stories offered every day in September to inspire you to “Do Your Own Best.” In September, we celebrate our contemporaries and people down through the centuries who have contributed the best of themselves to us and to the world we share.

Halftone gradation

First time honor roll students, who “Did Their Best,” at Aliquippa Middle School.  After nearly two years in the prepared 12 Caring Habits environment, the school went on to win the Pennsylvania Violence-FREE Youth Award from then Governor, Tom Ridge.

September’s Videos

Cosmic Comic Swami Beyondananda gives his unique take on the 12 Habits of Unity's Habit for September - “Do Your Best.”


Do your best. We have all heard that, and some of us have taken it as a challenge, while others have resisted it, because it smacks too much of competition, one against the other. Actually, if we go back to the ancient Greek, the original meaning of the word compete was to “strive together.”


So, in the original Greek Olympics, the purpose wasn’t to “defeat” the other competitors but use them as “pace cars” to help us do our personal best. This concept of all of us striving together is the ultimate win-win-win. When you do your best, you hurt or hinder no one, and may inspire others to do their best as well. Talk about intentional mutual benefit!


“We cannot expect to triumph without at least a little trying and umphing.” – Swami Beyondananda

– Swami Beyondananda

12 Habits Webinar - Episode 9
September's Habit - Do Your Best

Humorist and Author Steve Bhaerman in Conversation with Elaine Parke, MBA, CS, CM, NSA, Communications Consultant & Author, creator of the 12 Habits of Unity, discuss the 12 Habits as a coherent, evolutionary practice that produces real results in the real world – and how you can “join the Up-Wising” and our exciting intentional experiment.


Explore September with us and remember to… DO YOUR BEST


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doing your best in September

This revolution of good habits will grow because you act on the habits and because you have good ideas for spreading the 12 habits too. As an example, one dentist displayed monthly habits posters.. on the ceiling over his patients - and changed them each month.  How COOL is that??  Share YOUR stories and ideas with us and we’ll feature them on the website so others can benefit from your sharing.

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