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Blue Skies
Come One, Come ALL of US
Celebrate Oneness and Join the Up-wising!

ALL OF US Celebrated the
First Annual ONE-ONE-ONENESS Day
on January 11, 2024

In case you missed it, it's not too late!

We recorded the full event and is now available on YouTube including a very special un-aired Bonus Segment from Steve Farrell of Humanity's Team.

“Ask not what one person can do. 

Ask what ALL OF US can do together.”

– Swami Beyondananda


Not another Oneness event!  We already have TWO Oneness days already – one in March and another in October, but at a time when we need all the Oneness we can get, one more Oneness Day certainly couldn’t hurt, right?

And this day really is THE day …January 11th, 1/11, One-One-One.

We commemorate the Twin Towers tragedy on 9/11.  So why not make the shift from fear-based state of emergency to a love-based state of emerge ‘n see, where we emerge from the illusion of separation and SEE
we are all One with the same ONENESS?  In other words, if I’m One, you’re One too.

At a time when the world seems to be in serious condition, maybe what we need is playful humor to help us recondition our condition.  If we’re looking to overcome gravity, levity can lift us up.

One One Oneness Day was celebrated in an interactive Zoom event with international speakers, music, laughter, joy, and colorful fun as we came together about the goodness we agree on - to get past the divide we're in.

Our One One Oneness Day Presenters

Swami Beyondananda sphere-headed this special love-filled, laugh-filled 90-minute FREE program, a Mini-Conference on behalf of 12 Habits 4 ALL OF US and Symbiotic Culture. In addition to ALL OF US teammates Elaine Parke and Kurt Griffith, co-heart presenters included Richard Flyer (Birthing the Symbiotic Age), David Gruder (Center for Enlightened Self-Sovereignty), Steve Farrell (Founder, Humanity’s Team), sacred world musician Larisa Stow, and shamanic breathing coach Linda Star Wolf.


In a world of polarization and strife,
maybe it’s time to take a “breather.”


Oh yes, breathing will be a key part of the event.

All this talk of dark conspiracies, what about a light one?  To “conspire” after all means to breathe together, so why not an open co
nspiracy of love where ALL OF US breathe love into the atmosphere.  Together we will bring about spiritual climate change – warmer hearts, and cooler heads.

Besides breathing, the Swami will
help us laugh, which will create more breathing!

Seriously, this event will help lift ALL OF US up off the old battlefield, and onto a new playing field of “thrival” for each and all.  And “ALL OF US” includes YOU.  So please mark the date, and we hope to see you.

Oh, and in addition to laughing and breathing and laughing together, you’ll be introduced to two world-changing programs that will help us BE the change together.  You’ll learn how you can create communities of practice to bring loving coherence to the world at large by bringing it to the “world at small” – your family, neighborhood, and community – and how to launch “symbiotic networks” to connect the good wherever you live.

Watch the replay and get ready to celebrate love, laughter, and Oneness – so that 2024 is a truly NEW New Year.

The Event recording will now available, click below.

Yours in evolutionary up-wising,
Steve, Elaine, Kurt, Annette, Roise and all of us at ALL OF US.

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Sign up for One One Oneness Day here

Sign up here for your ZOOM link to the first EVER “International One-One-Oneness Day on 1-11-24 and to get a BONUS 35-page “12 Habits for All of Us Sillybus” to carry you on your own playful path to heaven on earth.


You’ll also be enrolled as a “Peace Mastermind” in the Great All of Us Up-wising. You’ll learn how we’ll mastermind oneness together by focusing on one aspect of manifesting oneness each month with the 12 Habits of Unity — mutually-shared universal values that can unify us beyond our differences…. Playful AND practical because we will all “Be the Change” together.


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