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Discover how 12 Habits to UNIFY AMERICA - and to Bring Happiness  to Your Life….


Scroll down to watch Happy People who get along... and don’t cheat or lie -  by Little Big Town

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Each of us is more powerful than we believe.  Starting right now, today, you and I can build momentum towards more equality and unity in America – while uplifting our own lives too. Elaine Parke’s latest book, The Habits of Unity, is a proven way we can all motivate ourselves to do just that.


12 months to a stronger America will happen, when patriotic readers, like you, practice the 12 Habits, one colorfully focused month at a time; This is an all new and self-empowering way to vote for a better America, with the attitudes and actions of your own life. It’s as simple as celebrating holidays together – and just as enjoyable!

If we haven’t learned much else from social media, we’ve learned that shared thoughts, for good or bad, that are truth or fake, become powerful beyond measure when they reach lots of people at the same time and are repeated over and over again.


The Habits of Unity, - now on Amazon Books, helps inspire happy people. This isn’t a book ABOUT habits – it is a HABIT-FORMING book. When you take it home and begin your “one-minute-a day” habit building adventure, your life and your outlook will brighten. Please use your social media power to share the colorful monthly messages with others.


Together, we can overcome the pain of a divided America with the power of goodness, because it is in these aspects of our citizenship that we are all equal.

Really happy people don’t cheat or lie. 


This is because they feel integrated with family and community.  Deep inside they know that at the very least, they don’t take advantage of others.

“Uplift your day with a few minutes of Little Big Town's "Happy People" music and smiles. I start my smiles going each morning with this video. Enjoy!!!! 


– Elaine Parke

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