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Spontaneous Evolution

Amazon reviews and excerpts

“A GPS To Send Us to Our Best Future…
I wish I could give it six stars”

Review of Spontaneous Evolution

by Judith Simon Prager

Author of Journey to Alternity, co-author of The Worst Is Over: What To Say When Every Moment Counts

Most wake-up calls are negative. Things are falling apart, the center does not hold, and we are thrown into shock, feeling we'll have to stop the world, look the coming disasters in the eye, and somehow overcome the fight-or-flight knot in our brains that keeps us from acting wisely.  Spontaneous Evolution is a call to wake up that feels as if someone has finally turned on a light. It's a prescription for becoming who we're supposed to be. It's all here, biologically, scientifically, historically mapped for us to trace and follow. No, it goes well beyond maps -- this is a GPS to send us along to our best future.

In his earlier book, The Biology of Belief, Bruce Lipton wrote: "At every level and every stage of development, there is either love - and with it, growth - or fear, and with it protection and a thwarting of growth." In training first responders and medical personnel around the world how to speak to help people heal, I often say that the best way to heal is to set a trajectory for it in your mind. Imagine what you want to have happen, not what you don't.

Spontaneous Evolution shows us a trajectory for healing ourselves and our world. It provides a picture of the direction in which we must go. And because one of the authors is a scientist and the other political activist, its visions are in the same spirit as Einstein's, who said that, at its best: "Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life's coming attractions."

This amazing tome is so comprehensive, it embraces every aspect of life on earth, from the beginnings through Darwin and Newton to our present disastrous financial system. It takes us from the clear-eyed Native American origins of our country to the current corruption of our seeds and food sources. But at all times, the authors keep the "coming attractions" in mind.

And--and I believe this with all my heart--Conscious Evolution shows us that we don't always have to learn from pain and fear.

That old model, too, can be abandoned for something better.

We can learn from enlightenment. And from the wonderful examples in nature, from the way single cells figured out how to become us... and the “we”, we are to become. The model Lipton and Bhaerman offer, instructs us that it was cells WORKING TOGETHER to increase the size of their membranes that increased their consciousness. That was the brilliant secret. They quote the assertion of American biologist Lynn Margulis that "Life did not take over the globe by combat, but by networking," and this model leads to the idea that we are all cells in this humanifest destiny and there would be no sense in the liver attacking the kidney. As wise beings have said all along, it is love that will save us.

This a book about everything. Fractal geometry and world peace. How it all came to be and what it all can become. It is the one book you need now and into the vast, potential future that we are all creating.

There is so much in this book to love, and even the most complicated arguments are delightfully, captivatingly delivered.  I wish I could give it six stars.

It is a well-organized smorgasbord of riches building to a conclusion that makes this planetary journey of ours both comprehensible and, if we follow it's wisdom, altogether beautiful and brilliant ... and promising. Let it turn on that light in your mind!



Excerpts from Amazon Reviews:


“This is an inspiring book that gives great evidence that we are truly on the verge of a great shift in consciousness--but unlike many books this is not based on wishful thinking or ‘New Age fluff,’ but rather historical and scientific evidence.”


“Bruce Lipton and Steve Bhaerman have created a beautiful guide for predicting what our planet's near future will be. The very upbeat, funny, thoughtful and challenging text is exactly what humanity needs at this time in our history.”


“Spontaneous Evolution is clearly one of the most important books written in the last 100 years.”


“The message of Spontaneous Evolution is delivered in a remarkable fashion, with Bhaerman's humor tempering Lipton's scientific precision.  The book is an enjoyable, thought-provoking read. Don't miss this one.”


“… one of the most brilliant and mind-shaking, paradigm-shifting books I have ever read. This is a pivotal book for the very survival of the human species; an absolute must-read for every human on this planet!”


“[The book’s] insights are revolutionary in scope and deeply transforming … this is one of the more important books of our time.”


“I thoroughly enjoyed Spontaneous Evolution! Visionary, deeply thought provoking and superbly crafted. A MUST READ for anyone on a journey of personal growth and evolution.”

“I find myself thinking about, and discussing this book constantly and have been reconnected spiritually - with context. The structure of the book is brilliant, zooming in and out of cell-biology, fractal geometry, human history, political science and more, but they are all joined together to form a rich foundation for a positive future. I certainly got a lot out of this book and have learned much by reading it.”


“The historical and motivational background for the spiritual, religious, scientific, political, capitalistic, and technological evolution of our world...and the potential for a positive future is extraordinarily presented. Bruce Lipton and Steve Bhaerman have presented one of the very best books I have ever read and I HIGHLY recommend this work.”


“I thought I knew most of the information presented in this book, but the authors' extensive research added immensely to my knowledge of historical influences and epigenetics in a most enlightening way.  This book helps to empower the individual to change the situation NOW, and to follow through. The book is quite upbeat for such a serious subject and there is definitely some humor in it.  Included is a great list of resources and suggestions as an aid for following up with helpful intentions. This was a good matching of co-authors. Kudos to them both!”


“Spontaneous Evolution is an amazing compendium of knowledge, new-edge science, and wisdom.”


“Simply great.  Best read ever.  This is a fantastic book ... informative and very well written on a level that anyone can understand.”


“Superb! The best review of how things "work" I have ever read.  It is written like a college textbook but has the readability of a novel.  I absolutely loved it.”

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