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Join Our Intentional Community and Become a Content Partner!

“Intentional community = a community without walls to proliferate intentional mutual benefit.”

At a time when so many awakening souls are asking, what can one person do, we are addressing the question, “What can all of us do together?”


If you’re tired of being on the battlefield where two political tribes are aligned against one another, now you can be part of a new playing field, where we join together to promote mutual benefit – what people on all sides are longing for!


By “joining the up-wising” and becoming a 12 Habits of Unity Content Partner, you’ll be able to “feed two birds with one scone”.  You’ll be able to provide valuable content that will help our peer partners practice one transformational habit a month.  And … you will make our entire, expanding community aware of your worthy work.


While we do focus on cultivating one habit per month, we see each month as an “intentional community” – a community of co-hearts dedicated to practicing, perfecting, and proliferating the habit for that month.  In other words, people don’t stop practicing the habit at the end of the month … they want to deepen their awareness and practice, and when we have new content appearing constantly on each monthly page, it drives new viewers and inspires old ones.


That means that as a content partner, your work will be seen by new people all the time, and you will be able to build your own community of followers, readers, viewers, and potential clients.


You’re probably wondering, how can I play?


We thought you’d never ask!


First step, review our overall mission and make sure you are enthusiastically aligned with it.  Then, go to each month and see if there is a particular monthly habit that resonates with your work.  Of course, you can find resonance with all 12, and we encourage you to do so – by providing articles, videos, blog posts.  You can be listed as a WE-Source and Content Partner on any monthly page where you provide content – so provide heartful content to your heart’s content.  You will also be listed with a link to your website on our Content Sponsor Page for our entire project.  Oh, and you can also be a Content Cure-Rater for any of the months (see below):

So, here’s how to do it, step-by-step:


  1. Read our Opening Statement, Watch our Video, and make sure our missions match.

  2. Go through each month and see which one or ones are the most obvious for you to become a WE-Source.

  3. Are you open to be considered as an interviewee for our monthly Zoominar on each habit? Pick a monthly habit and let us know.

  4. Do you have content you wish to share for any of the monthly habits? Let us know, and we will send instructions on how to have your content posted.

  5. We are also looking for “Cure-Raters” for each month, that is someone to vet and handle content for that month.If you find yourself particularly enthused about any monthly habit, you can gain even more exposure as one of our Cure-Raters. Just let us know.

  6. There is no cost for being one of our Content Partners … however, as a quid-pro-quo, we ask that you share our monthly message with your own list. This is the best way to build a vital community of practice.

  7. Consider being a Founder or Sponsor, to help support our endeavor financially. We are a 501(c)3 tax deductible non-profit.


Ready to become a 12 Habits Content Sponsor?  Send us an email here:


Interested in sponsorship?  Visit our Sponsor Page

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