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12 HABITS for All of Us WORKS!!  

Warning! – this 12 - month website offers you a habit - forming year - round path that may cause a happier life.  Find out how right now!

30 years, of independent studies prove that people are kinder when they follow this year-long monthly-themed path.  They uplifted their own lives and helped one another with the daily reflections and practice of these 12 simple habits of unity and the Golden Rule.

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In January-

Daily Reflection:
I offer my habit to help others.


Month’s GOAL:
To lift our spirits and the spirits of others by caring, sharing and giving.

Become a “12 Habits Peer Partner” right now.  Whatever month, whatever day, whatever habit, just do it.  Just begin now. Learn more here about how to embrace these twelve shared monthly practices for compassion and self-empowerment.  

​America desperately needs to reduce division and strengthen unity. These 12 Habits are a way to do just that.



One world together, integrating rather than alienating us from one another by instilling the practice of 12 kindness habits…shared in real time - person by person, and organized month by month, year after year.

Even for a few minutes a day, when each of us rises above the issues with kinder hearts and behaviors we become a counter-balance to the forces of negativity. Together, we can bubble up  the qualities of cooperation and harmony that are fading away. 

Here’s how. 

Plug each month’s habit and its own playful color into your mind and heart.  Think about how you’ll help others, or resolve a conflict or be more patient, depending on the month.  Start the day, with the thought, “I offer my habit to help others,” in January, or “I cherish my habit to be grateful,” in May. 

If we all do this together, focusing on the same month at the same time, just like holidays unite us, we can overcome the pain of a divided America, by practicing the power of goodness, because it is in these aspects of our citizenship that we are all equal.  Become a 12 habits peer partner right now.

Make a promise to yourself to increase your own personal practice of each of the 12 habits, in your life, your family, your workplace and around your community.  Share the monthly habits on your social media networks.  Share on this website, (link to share your stories) your own stories and ideas about practicing the habits and having fun with the colors of the month.


Use author, Elaine Parke’s new 2021 book, “The Habits of Unity," and coordinated materials on this site that can be downloaded and printed to help remind yourself about your current month’s habit.  Wear the color, paint your fingernails and toes, bake cakes, and above all, pay it forward to others.

​For 30 years, in many mid-west USA communities, reaching hundreds of thousands of families, workers and school students, these 12 habits have inspired the best in people through evidence-based studies.  One respondent on our 2017 survey reports, "I am now nice to the people I used to be mean to.”  Improving lives doesn’t get any better than that.


Really happy people don’t cheat or lie. 


This is because they feel integrated with family and community.  Deep inside they know that at the very least, they don’t take advantage of others.

“Uplift your day with a few minutes of Little Big Town's "Happy People" music and smiles. I start my smiles going each morning with this video. Enjoy!!!! 


– Elaine Parke

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