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Join Our December Zoom Party

Explore “Celebrate Community, Family, and Friends” with us with leading Global Voice for the Divine Feminine
Misa Hopkins.


 Monday, December 18th at 6pm EDT/3pm PDT 
 Join the conversation and share your own positive stories. 

Waiting room is active about 15min before show time,

Monday, December 18th, Event will start promptly at 6 PM

“It’s time to evolve from children of God to adults of Good … because the
one thing that will save humankind is human kindness.”

– Swami Beyondananda


This month our special guest will be

Misa Hopkins

Global voice for the Divine Feminine

Misa Hopkins—known by many around the world as Mother Misa—is a thought leader in the field of consciousness and a leading global voice for the Divine Feminine. In her capacity as Guardian of an ancient Path of the Sacred Feminine, she is a wisdom keeper, spiritual teacher, healer, and bestselling author dedicated to serving a global audience in healing and awakening in this unparalleled time of need.


She has authored five bestselling books including her Sacred Feminine Awakening series, combining wisdom received from her Native American ancestors and the transmission of lost books written by Mary Magdalene 2,000 years ago. Misa’s book, The Root of All Healing, empowers people in meeting the emotional needs that lead to their own self-healing.


Misa has appeared on NBC, ABC, NPR, Fox, Emotional Mojo, Spirituality & Health, and is featured in the upcoming documentary, When Sparks Ignite. She has spoken at numerous events with other conscious thought leaders including Deepak Chopra, Bruce Lipton PhD (The Biology of Belief), Larry Dossey MD (One Mind), Pedram Shojai (The Urban Monk), Grandmother Mona Polacca (13 Grandmothers), George and Sedena Cappannelli (Ageless Living, PBS), our own Steve Bhaerman (aka Swami Beyondanda), and recent Zoom Party guest Marci Shimoff (Happy for No Reason).


Learn more about Misa's work at:

We invite you to join us for our monthly 12 Habits Zoom Party, featuring December’s Habit - Celebrate Community, Family, and Friends, part of our exciting partnership with Humanity's Team. We warn you that practicing “Show a Positive Attitude” is habit-forming! 

On the third Monday of each month, we hold a “Zoom Party” in collaboration with Humanity’s Team, with a special guest to go deeper with that month’s habit, and give all our peer partners a chance to share stories and ideas, ask questions, and meet others in our intentional practice community

Waiting room is active about 15min before start time,

Monday November 20th. Show will start promptly at 6 PM


We'll also have hosts Humorist Steve Bhaerman, Author and 12 Habits originator Elaine Parke, All of Us Creative Pro Kurt Griffith, November’s Swami Beyondananda video, Humanity's Steam's Garth Catterall, and maybe even some surprises. See you Monday Night! Don’t miss it!

We look forward to seeing you next Monday, and please invite your friends to this not-to-be-missed conversation. When it comes to bringing joy to the world, the more the merrier!

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