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Come One, Come ALL of US!
your invitation to our Monthly Online Mastermind Circle

Every 1st Monday on Zoom

3pm Pacific / 6 PM Eastern

Interactive Mastermind Sessions hosted by Social Change Pioneer Elaine Parke, Community Activist Rosie Griep, and the All of Us team

Waiting room is active about 15min before show time, First Mondays of the Month, Events start promptly at 3 PM Pacific / 6 PM Eastern.

From Me to We – a Mastermind Movement for Peace© One month at a time.

Elaine Parke, MBA, CS, CM, NSA,
International Social Change Pioneer, and Author


This movement is intended for all of us who want to “be the change together” to help reverse the global trend from war and division to peace and unity.  Minimally this will require about 5-7 minutes of your time per week… to be an honored “Mastermind for Peace.” 

“A community is not a place. It begins in thought, and in the heart and spirit. Community is in the climate of empathy.” — Elaine Parke, Author

There are four sections to understanding and doing the Mastermind Movement for Peace©. The last section is the specific action plan for you and all of us.  Since this is a whole new way of achieving our shared mission for global peace, it would be a good idea to gain an understanding of the design and the thought processes behind it.


 However, if you just want to cut to the chase, skip to the end and start being a Mastermind for Peace, right now.  You might find you’ll have a happier life as well.



What “me” or I need now, has finally become exactly the same as what “we” need now, all together!


Our personal and global capacity to transform ourselves from me to we, has always been present because we have always been “we.” Never before in history, however, has it been absolutely imperative that we live as “we” every day. This is because what “me” or I need now, has finally become exactly the same as what “we” need now, all together.


Each day it becomes more obvious that whatever we take at the expense of others, is now a loss for all of us. There is no other home we can go to replenish our losses but here, together, on this magnificent blue planet we call Mother Earth. 


It’s time to move from the illusion that we are separate, to the reality that we are all connected by our need to live and thrive together.  Together we WILL reclaim, for us and our children, the hope and happiness that our “culture of separation” is ripping from us as each day goes by.


The reality that we are connected, is at the core of most religious, spiritual, and ethical systems, most of which have existed for thousands of years.  


The reality that we are connected, is at the core of most religious, spiritual, and ethical systems, most of which have existed for thousands of years.  Where we go wrong, however, is when each “system” tends to limit their perceived connection of kinship to those within their own group or tribe. 


We are at an historical moment that demands an audacious, all-encompassing, and prompt solution.  It must be one in which (1) all of us can participate, (2) is simple, (3) is workable and works and (4) actually reverses the planetary trajectory we’re on from war and division to peace and unity. 


So, what CAN all of us do together?


ALL OF US needs YOU!

If we are drawn to the appealing but unfulfilled phrase, “Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me,” then let it begin with each of us, and all of us right NOW.  It’s time for all hand-on deck. The task isn’t someone else’s.  There is no room for apathy, indifference or leaving the solution to someone else. The rest of us aren’t enough for this huge task without you.


The non-profit I represent, All of Us, Inc., has been an NGO inspiring caring and connectedness among millions since 1991. Without YOU, however, we can’t be “all of us”, can we? 


In other words, ALL OF US needs YOU!


And …this solution has to be about something that we all can actually do together.  The problem is, we can’t actually “do” peace, or unity -- or even the Golden Rule for that matter -- because these are ideas and concepts rather than actionable actions. 


What we do know is that there are commonly known actionable expressions of peace and happiness that tangibly support happy lives and healthy relationships.  The great books of all spiritual faiths contain references to these principles for living in harmony and mutual support.  


Gratitude, for example, is commonly acknowledged as a human quality that supports peace and harmony.  Other healthy habits like honoring individuals for who they are, and resolving conflicts, helping others, and even being more patient… also work to bring us together.


Here's the point.


By breaking the concept of peace into actionable attitudes and behaviors, and then coaching ourselves to become better at them… and then by focusing on practicing them together, we are moving ourselves collectively and decisively towards reversing the divisive path we’re on.


Most of us best understand the idea of shared consciousness through praying and meditation. We believe -- and there is evidence to prove it -- that we help heal a sick loved one when we collectively pray for their Improved health.  


Similarly, we now share a “sick friend” who needs our prayers and meditations.  This sick friend is humanity’s relationship with one another and with the planet we share. 


Now, together, we will heal the body politic and restore wholeness to our human family – because each of us and all of us together will not only be practicing but will be “masterminding” certain “actionable” habits of peace, unity, and Oneness!




Question:  Can we wage love as well as we wage war?

Answer:  Yes, we can!


PEACE then, is our mission but it’s not the action, because peace is NOT an action.


So, how do we awaken the planet’s un-awakened?  How do we arouse 8 billion people to see the truth that the only way we can thrive is TOGETHER?


The challenge is…… can we wage Love as well as we wage War? 


Here’s proof that we can.


In 1993, a group meditation experiment in Washington DC brought crime down 23.3% in the month of August.  Fewer than two thousand meditators changed the consciousness of more than half a million people. This was actualty masterminding where a group of awakened, intentional individuals combined their consciousnesses to wage love instead of war!


The meditators collectively sent out the same actionable focused intentions for peace and non-violence. Simultaneously, that energy was being received into the consciousness of the unaware masses all around them. 


The cause-and-effect outcome of that experiment was verified to within seven decimal points of accuracy. You can look this up on the internet for yourself. Without the masterminding of non-violence in their midst, the statistics of violence in D.C. would not have dropped. And …when the masterminded meditations of peace ended, the violence again rose.  Does this suggest that the ongoing, masterminding of peace can and will have a sustainable influence?


We say it does!


The answetr then, is that together, as all of us, we will sustainably mastermind one of 12 actionable actions for peace each month, that also supports our own personal happiness… one month at a time.   We will do this in a way that is so persuasive and powerful, it will unify us beyond our differences.


The big bonus, interestingly, is, that one month is about the time it takes to form habits. That makes our participative mastermind plan even stronger – so that we not only practice peace on a monthly basis, we HABITUATE it.


Prayer and meditation can change earthly outcomes when they are waged collectively…and when they are focused on specific, identified outcomes. That is called masterminding. 


So, the Mastermind Movement for Peace© begins with understanding masterminding.


Some of us may already know about it or are even a member of a mastermind group.  There are thousands of such groups around the world, most often focused on personal or business development.  Like meditation and prayer, masterminding is a path that connects us to God, the cosmic consciousness that is the source of all successful living, harmony and good.


I’ve always said prayer is talking to God and meditation is about listening – by clearing ourselves of our thoughts so that the wisdom of God can flow into us. Prayer and meditation can change earthly outcomes when they are waged collectively…and when they are focused on specific, identified outcomes like group prayers for the sick. That is called masterminding. 


Based on the “Where two or more are gathered I am in your midst,” principle, masterminding occurs when two or more are focused on the same identifiable outcome at the same time. So masterminding:


(1) requires two or more in accord and 


(2) requires them to focus on the same shared and focused actions at the same time.


Today, for the first time in history, we are unveiling a new path that involves each of us and all of us as “Peace Masterminds©.”  This, is a great movement to redirect the misguided earthly global consciousness of separation to shift to the reality of peace, harmony and oneness. 


Shared peace masterminding will energize and amplify the intentions of harmony and unity to become powerful enough to “overgrow” the global influencers that are focused on materialism and separation


Shared peace masterminding will energize and amplify the intentions of harmony and unity to become powerful enough to “overgrow” the global influencers that are focused on materialism and separation 


We are asking each of us, (that includes YOU), to become a “Peace Mastermind”© – collectively focusing our meditations and prayers on one of 12 aspects of peaceful oneness – one for each month of the year. We are all of us being the change…..all-together.


So to review …


We know how masterminding works, and have seen quantitative proof that it works to transform terrestrial outcomes.  We’ve learned that it requires two or more, not just connecting ourselves to God and to one another, but doing so with a specific actionable purpose that will mobilize peace on earth.


Before contemporary times, we had to physically be in the same place in order to be together at the same time.  Now we can be together electronically all around the world.  Therefore, as long as we all mastermind the same action for peace, all during the same month, we are effectively a “mastermind group” organized by time in months, rather than needing to physically be together.


Expanding on that idea, this is why holidays have such powerful influence on all of us because we all know when to do what.  Technically, holidays are “masterminded” actions, celebrations, and rituals that we all share and do at the same time. 




The 12 peace in-action-habits are like having 12 coaches for a self-guided course!


The 12 peace in-action-habits are like having your own personal 12 coaches for a self-guided course (and sometimes a playful path), that leads us each to more uplifted, hopeful, and empowered lives. Together it is a win/win formula to bring all of us to a higher level of personal contentment and peace on earth…one month at a time.


As long as we know which peace action habit we’re observing in which month, we don’t have to be together physically OR electronically to be masterminding peace.  The months of the year create the focused groups for us- in “time,” - as our mastermind intentions combine with others who are focusing their intentions on the same peace action each month.


The Mastermind Movement for Peace© is a new 2024 initiative. However, the mobilization of local community caring and connectedness using the 12 monthly habits is not new.  It was first established in 1991, under the umbrella of the non-profit, All of Us, Inc., in the community of Somerset, PA.


Elaine Parke, with her corporate marketing background, had the vision that each month of the year could become a “brand name” for one of 12 aspects of the kind of Golden Rule Living that would nourish and uplift the lives of students, families and the entire community.


Soon after, a group of about 12 got together. They represented all aspects of the community including the mayor, a print shop owner, local students, a local radio station, and worship leaders.  They met regularly and agreed on what the specific 12 aspects of peaceful, cooperative living would be.  You could say the peace habits were “crowd sourced.”


12 Habits for Peace has PROVEN successful, and not just “pie in the sky” theory


Thirty-three years…

250+ involved schools and communities in western Pennsylvania and in Rwanda, Africa…

9 successful independent and university studies…

and 18 achievement awards later…


Not once in those 33 years has anyone every disagreed with even one of the “mastermind-chosen,” 12 peace-in-action habits. Their essence is simple, and contained in most great religious books.


Bottom line, in all communities and schools, practicing the 12 Habits for peace, the success of the 12 Habits influence was PROVEN and not just “pie in the sky” theories.


During those 33years, in mid-west USA communities, reaching hundreds of thousands of citizens, families, workers and youth, these 12 habits have already inspired the best in people through evidence-based independent and university studies. You can find the detailed evidence and proof here at our website.   


Objective surveys showed, consistently, that in less than two years, 72%of the people living in the 12 habits of peace climate, felt more community and kinship with one another. Thirty-seven percent (37%) reported that they improved their own behaviors. One young survey respondent reported, "This is COOL! I am now nice to the people I used to be mean to.”  


Improving lives and personal happiness on the path to peace doesn’t get any better than that.


Here are the 12 Peace-in-Action habits, as originally masterminded by the group in Somerset, PA thirty-three years ago and still going strong today. The wording of several of the habits has been changed, but not the essence.  For instance, January’s habit was once, “Lend a Hand.”  Because that wording is an idiom that might not translate accurately, January’s habit was changed to “Help Others.”


Your intentional, focused consciousness will blend with others on the movement’s path and start moving the global consciousness from separation to peace on earth


Below, are the 12 Peace-in-Action Habits, simply listed.  You will find voluminous expansion of materials of action ideas, quotes, and stories, PLUS downloadable applications of each and all of them, all FREE to you, here on the website. Each month has its own indentifiable color, for instance. You can wear the colors of the month to help remind yourself


One more point to note is that the flow of the habit focuses, from month to month, is “organic” in that they flow our intentions in time, through the year, so that our actions uplift ourselves personally, they inspire improved relationships with one another and with the earth.


Also, remember, just because a new year starts in January doesn’t mean you have to wait till January to start being a Peace Mastermind.  Whatever day and month it is right now for you, just begin the focused consciousness and practice of that month’s habit right now.


Your intentional, focused consciousness will blend with others on the movement’s path and start moving the global consciousness from separation to peace on earth. The body of “sick consciousness” on the planet will start to heal.


THE 12 PEACE-IN-ACTION HABITS – A simple list by month.

1. January

2. February

3. March

4. April

5. May

6. June

7. July

8. August

9. September

10. October

11. November

12. December

Help Others

You Count

 Resolve Conflicts

Take Care of Our Environment

Be Grateful

Reach Higher

Become Involved

Know Who You Are

Do Your Best

Be Patient and Listen

Show a Positive Attitude

Celebrate Community, Family and Friends 


- Under Development -


 Master Minding is like having a “master key” that unlocks all the doors to your life


The Master Mind Principle is a proven method of focusing the power of thought for the specific purpose of aligning our thoughts and actions with the Master Mind. It’s like having a “master key” that unlocks all the doors to your life so that you experience daily the reality of our connection to God’s wisdom.  Jack Boland, the original creator of Masterminding and a Christian Minister, wrote “the Principles of Masterminding” in 1977.  He said, 


“You can’t really learn anything until it becomes an experience inside yourself and your mind. Information that does not take form inside your consciousness, creating a sense of excitement or expectancy really does not have value.” 


If our mission is to be part of the change towards oneness on our planet – then we need to collectively focus on masterminding peace to the point that gives us hope and a sense of excitement and expectancy.  As we move into our roles as masterminds of peace, our own mind will gravitate towards information that has value because it moves us and those around us who are yet unaware towards the cosmic reality of heaven on earth - peace and oneness.


As “PEACE  Masterminds” we become the change – ALL OF US together


In 2024 then, for the first time in history, we are revealing a new path that involves each of us and all of us as “PEACE Masterminds.”  This is a great experiment AND a powerful movement to redirect misguided global consciousness towards the reality of cosmic harmony, peace, and oneness. 


This movement will work because our intentional prayers and meditations are focused on monthly peace actions that will resonate into the consciousness of those around us who are not only unaware that we are all connected but may be manifesting behaviors of separation and conflict.


Shared masterminding will energize and amplify the intentions of harmony and unity to become powerful enough to counterfoil against the global influencers who are focused on materialism and separation.


We are asking each of us to become a “Peace Mastermind” – collectively focusing our meditations and reflections on one of 12 aspects of peace, kindness, and oneness - each month of the year as listed above. We become the change… ALL OF US together.





The goal of this oneness/peace mastermind movement is to not only enlighten and uplift the lives of those who are participating, but also that their jointly focused consciousnesses will expand into the consciousnesses of the unaware and speed our global alignment with cosmic consciousness.


The 12 monthly habits are the 12 focused attributes of oneness and peace that are personally fulfilling while also leading to self-empowerment and expanded kinship between people at every level, from family to community and beyond.

- Under Development -

Peace & Oneness Mastermind© Minimum Option Level
5-7 Minutes a day.

 “Mastering peace will become humanity’s masterpiece.”

                                    Steve Bhaerman, author, comic, peace ambassador


At the beginning, we said that one individual can be an effective Oneness Mastermind with just 5-7 minutes a week.  This means that this is simple and easy with immediate results. Minimally, all you need is the list of the 12 habits with the months shown above.


You can go to the website to “Participate” in the menu and then download a small flyer with all 12 habits and colors. It will fit into your shirt pocket or use it as a bookmark.  You’ll easily know what peace habit we’re masterminding at any time or place and soon, you’ll know them by heart, in your heart.


Whatever month you’re in now, commit to bring the month’s habit into your mind and consciousness for at least one minute a day. Remember, others will be doing this too, so without any direct connection, you are, at each moment, consistently part of a mastermind group defined by the month.


Pray that others hear each month’s action focus, quietly resonating from you.


In addition, commit each day of that month to improve you own level of actions related to that habit. In November (Positive Attitudes), think about smiling more at strangers, in March, (Resolve Conflicts) choose someone you’re on the “outs” with and reach out to them and in October (Be Patient), while driving, focus on being more patient with other drivers.


In addition, every movement, including this one, needs financial assistance to grow and thrive. We require resources to grow and ask you consider contributing just one dollar per minute, about $25 a month or $300 a year to helping us make this happen. We need your mastermind AND your tax-deductible financial contributions to support making the Mastermind Movement for Peace© grow strong and thrive.


Monthly Online Mastermind Circle

To personally participate in this experiment, and learn how to collectively promote Peace, Oneness, Kindeness, & Unity in ourselves and our comuunities, we invite you to join All of Us on Zoom in our Monthly Peace Mastermind Circles on the first Monday of each month at 6PM EST / 3PM PST.

These Interactive Mastermind sessions are hosted by Social Change Pioneer Elaine Parke and Community Activist Rosie Griep, with All of Us team members Steve Bhaerman, Kurt Griffith... and YOU!

Waiting room is active about 15min before show time, First Mondays of the Month, Events start promptly at 3 PM Pacific / 6 PM Eastern.

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