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Come One, Come ALL of US!
your invitation to our


Every 1st Monday on Zoom

3pm Pacifitc / 6 PM Eastern

12 HABITS 4 All of Us WORKS*
… but not without YOU!!!  


Are you feeling discouraged by the anger and division in America? 


If so, the solution you are looking for is NOT OUT THERE. The buck starts and stops with you and me and how we feel, act, and live our own daily lives. This website is a 12-month plan-of-action.

In September –

Daily Reflection:
Today, I practice my habit to do my best.


Month’s GOAL:

Pick a task, even a small one, and give it all you’ve got.

This is your empowered invitation to “be the change” to help mobilize more unity, kindness, and civility. It will take just a few moments of your time and/or a few dollars each month. Together we can make kindness the norm.

Hilary Swank reminds us all why we’re here…
“to shine our light and live our best life.”

Bruce Lipton says, “The 12 Habits is a system to activate the imaginal cells of human transformation.”


Martin Luther King said, “Those who love peace must learn to organize as effectively as those who love war.”


ALL of US, Inc. is a tax-deductible non-profit.  OUR MISSION: To mobilize an organized 12-month plan to “turn down the heat” by infusing more unity, civility and citizenship into America’s social culture – to “make civility COOL.”


HOW? - With 12 monthly Golden Rule habits we can all agree upon. In April 2023, we launched our “Make Civility COOL!” initiative beginning in Washington, DC. You are invited to be part of this generation-changing civility movement sweeping across our country. We don’t have to agree, but as patriotic good citizens, we CAN bring back civility.

TO BEGIN: Bring civility and peace of mind back into your life and enjoy the uplifting benefits.

  • Sign up TODAY and become a “12 Habits Peer Partner.”

  • Whatever month, whatever day, whatever habit,
    JUST DO IT…. NOW!!


  • Join our monthly Habits Zoom Parties where we learn
    from celebrity speakers and share


  • Savor the daily “motivationals” in Elaine Parke’s new
    2021 book, “The Habits of Unity," 


  • Download FREE and colorful print materials from this
    site at “How to Share.”


  • Wear each month’s special “color of the month” and
    have more fun with your friends.


  • Get Creative; paint your fingernails, bake cakes… put up reminder “sticky notes”…

  • ….AND above all, pay it forward to others and share on your social media networks.


ALSO: Become a Peer Partner Contributor Help the “Make Civility COOL” Initiative succeed, first in Washington, D.C. and then all across America.


Just as we focus on holidays together, we can mobilize civility and kindness into the unifying power of organized actions…one month and one citizen at a time…. You and me.  We will make civility and citizenship COOL again in America.


Your special BONUS is a happier, more fulfilled and stress-free life… knowing you are “shining your light” - one day at a time.


*FYI - The success of 12 Habits 4 All of Us is PROVEN and not just “pie in the sky” theory.


For 30 years, in mid-west USA communities, reaching hundreds of thousands of citizens, families, workers and youth, these 12 habits have already inspired the best in people through evidence-based independent and university studies. 


72% felt more community and kinship with one another and 37% improved their own behaviors. One young respondent on our survey reports, "This is COOL! I am now nice to the people I used to be mean to.”  Improving lives doesn’t get any better than that.

Really happy people don’t cheat or lie. 


This is because they feel integrated with family and community.  Deep inside they know that at the very least, they don’t take advantage of others.

“Uplift your day with a few minutes of Little Big Town's "Happy People" music and smiles. I start my smiles going each morning with this video. Enjoy!!!! 


– Elaine Parke

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