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Join Us for Our April Zoom Party

Explore “Take Care of Our Environment” with us with Environmental Activist Sami Aaron

 Monday, April 15th at 6pm ET / 3pm PT 
 Join the conversation and share your own positive stories. 

Waiting room is active about 15min before show time,

Monday, April 15th, Event will start promptly at 6 PM ET

“Hey, if we lose the Earth, there goes our GDP.
We need to be caretakers, not careless takers.”

– Swami Beyondananda


Join us for a Conversation with our special guest for April and April’s Habit, Take Care of Our Environment,  Environmental Activist
Sami Aaron.

Sami Aaron’s enduring concern for the world around us inspired her to found the nonprofit, The Resilient Activist. The organization’s mission is to cultivate resilience to environmental stress by supporting community, personal well-being, and vital ecological health. She is a Climate Reality Leader, a member of the Climate Psychiatry and Climate Psychology Alliances, a meditation teacher, an Extension Master Naturalist, and the author of “Climate activists and psychological distress” in Ecopsychepedia.

Sami is the Founder, as well as Chair and Treasurer of The Resilient Activist, whose mission is to cultivate resilience to environmental stress by supporting community, personal well-being, and vital ecological health. The Resilient Activist offers uplifting and nurturing community-building activities, articles, stories, and programs to give voice and support to those who share our passion for a sustainable, flourishing, nature-connected future.


Reach Sami at

We invite you to join us for our monthly 12 Habits Zoom Party, featuring April’s Habit - Take Care of Our Environment, part of our exciting partnership with Humanity's Team. Feeling that “You Count” is to feel worthy, to know you have value, and know that you are good and have the power to do good!

On the third Monday of each month, we hold a “Zoom Party” in collaboration with Humanity’s Team, with a special guest to go deeper with that month’s habit, and give all our peer partners a chance to share stories and ideas, ask questions, and meet others in our intentional practice community

Waiting room is active about 15min before start time,

Monday April 15th. Show will start promptly at 3 PM PT / 6 PM ET


We'll also have hosts Humorist Steve Bhaerman, Author and 12 Habits originator Elaine Parke, Community Organizer Rosie Griep, All of Us Creative Pro Kurt Griffith, March’s Swami Beyondananda video, Humanity's Steam's Garth Catterall, and maybe even some surprises. See you Monday March 18th! Don’t miss it!

We look forward to seeing you, and please invite your friends to this not-to-be-missed conversation. When it comes to bringing joy to the world, the more the merrier!

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