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The Great Up-Wising

Creating a Culture of Connection


Science tells us that crisis precipitates evolution – and if we look at the burgeoning crises humanity faces today, we can see the chances of precipitation are 100%. 


Fortunately, Swami Beyondananda has come up with a four-step program for conscious evolution, mathematically guaranteed to work three times faster than 12-Step:


Step 1.  Wake Up. 
Wake up to the illusion of separation, and how we’ve been tricked into fighting one another instead of cooperating for mutual benefit.


Step 2.  Wise Up. 
Wise up to the power of love and coherence, how we are all one with the Universal Oneness – and each of us totally unique just like everyone else.


Step 3.  Grow Up. 
Grow up from children of God to adults of Good and be the “you” that only you can be.


Step 4.  Show Up. 
Show up on a new playing field ready to play a new game – thrival for each and all.


I know what you’re thinking.  Swami is proposing a sane world.  He must be CRAZY!


Well, here is your chance to commit yourself to a sane asylum.


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